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From the heartland of America came a recipe for remarkable toffee that was handed down from generation to generation. At Christmas the kitchen would be filled with the smell of brewing candy and the assembled crowd could hardly contain their excitement before the treat was served. If you didn’t get yours early you might miss out altogether.

Each year the amount of candy and number of batches had to be adjusted upward to make sure that everyone got enough and gifts could be bestowed on the lucky few.

Mary Butler inherited this gifted recipe for unforgettable toffee and the knack for producing it from her mother. After retiring from a career to stay at home with her children, Mary very generously began making the toffee to share with family and friends during the holidays. She then studied with experienced chocolatiers in Canada and Switzerland, expanding her repertoire to include the art of producing French and Belgium style truffles and other chocolates. Finally, after her children had grown and left home, Mary started the Carolina Confectionery Company at the urging of family and friends, so that the toffee and other chocolate treats could be enjoyed by her fans and purchased to share with others throughout the year. Now you too can enjoy the sensational flavor, texture, and taste of Mary’s family toffee and other chocolate favorites.

Carolina Confectionery Company is a small family owned and operated business dedicated to making the finest toffee and chocolates possible. Try our special treats and you too can share the pure joy of truly great toffee and fine chocolates. Our candies make wonderful gifts! Choose one of our candy gift items for your special someone.

Thank you to all our faithful friends and wonderful customers for your support. It is always a pleasure to serve you!

Mary Butler, Chief Chocolatier at Carolina Confectionery

Please Note: We have decided to take some time away from the business for the rest of this year (2017). Without the demands of the business, we are looking forward to slowing down, relaxing and having more time to spend with our family and friends during this holiday season. As a consequence, we have decided that we will not be taking any new orders for the months of October, November and December of 2017.

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