Carolina Confectionery Company

Dear Friends and Customers,

Thank you for all your support and business over the past twelve years. We have truly enjoyed sharing our toffee, lovingly made from my mother’s recipe, as well as our other fine chocolates, made from our own recipes, with you and your gift recipients. We have also enjoyed not only getting to know many of you but your many notes and calls thanking us for our toffee and chocolates.

It has truly been a labor of love, made all the more rewarding by your enthusiastic and generous participation in our endeavor.

Much as it now saddens us, we have decided to take some time away from the business. Without the demands of the business, we are looking forward to slowing down, relaxing and having more time to spend with our family and friends. As a consequence, we have decided that we will not be taking any new orders at this time.

If you would like to contact us in the future, please note that we have a new phone number 919-932-5272.

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